Friday, 6 May 2011

Ad Posting Sites List

Here are site to post ad on it.
Non-Cgi  900 working sites,com_adsmanager/page,show_ad/adid,8461/catid,20/Itemid,0/$2-Per-Form-Filled.-Now-Hiring-Data-Entry-Typists ( large list of nw sites can use 1 per data)*is*1,16785,Guaranteed-Income%2C-Free-Groceries%2C-Free-Holidays-a.htm,com_adsmanager/Itemid,56/expand,0/order,0/page,show_all/text_search,/ ( large list of nw sites you can use 1 per data),43,Hiring-home-based-workers-%282938%29.htm,23436,Guaranteed-Income,-Free-Groceries,-Free-Holidays-a.htm (large list of nw sites can use 1 per domain) (has a large list of network sites you can use a different 1 for each data)
For Sujjad And Party in Blue|2!112.html   235874           ,62,part-time%2C-students-.htm,73169,Get-Paid-Instantly-to-any-online-account-or-bank-account.htm 

Cgi  680 working sites|5|163|5|27$session =Employment|5|150|15|500 ployment|5|180 =ATM+Industry+Employment|5|97|nextads|5|105|5|100 mployment|5|68|5|161|5,4502,Hiring-home-based-workers-%282938%29.htm|5|76 ry=Employment|5|5|101|nextads,43,Hiring-home-based-workers-%282938%29.htm mployment Employment y=Employment|5|5|104
classifieds.classifiedscostarica.....gory=Employment Jobs|10|237$session|5|3|5!2~orm=0|2 mployment
free-classified-ads-oregon-wa....classifieds.cgi page=on s+Opportunities =Employment ry=Employment,com_adsmanager/page,show_ad/adid,135593/catid,66/Itemid,33/ tegory=Books,+Videos,+Software ployment Employers ory=Employment nt ory=Local+Employment,1417,Hiring-home-based-workers-%282938%29.htm y=Employment &from=add
 Message Boards,2676.0.html


  1. sir u try to mb and forum sites but there is not enough mb and forum sites to post ad

  2. As soon as i am going to post lots of web sites for all people which will be very helpful for ad posting.

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  4. This is certainly an interesting list of ad sites you have compiled. How did you come across them in the first place? I would presume there is a directory of sorts which has them listed. If that is the case do you know if there is one for every state? I am looking to help advertise my brothers company and this might be a good way of doing so.

    George Puzo |